"What a charming shop! Was warmly welcomed by the owner and staff, and was so excited to see the variety of really amazing product! Got some moonrocks, prerolls and a super dank buds."

Love In The Unknown

"Best little shop on the rez, bring cash and be ready to grab some good smoke! Grab that crumble! Todd the owner is personable and helpful. Dont waste your time, check em out."

Adam C.

"Best dispensary on the rez!!!! Got a check em out! great ppl, great vibes, great deals"

Kevin Q.

Crazy place on 420!! Will have to go back and watch carefully while purchases are being packed up!!!

Linda D

love,love,love the ppl here! Their Blunts are the best around!!! Stop in for a visit u won't be disappointed!!

Jen C

Friendly staff


Owner was friendly. His organic Kandy Apples was fantastic smelled like apples and tasted great. Nice buzz. Wish he had more.
He offers free dab hits of his product. His top shelf concentrate was mind expanding.
All and all a very satisfying visit.

Ben P

Such a nice little shop, very inviting and good product

Abby R

Great people here great prices

Anthony J

Very pleasant experience staff extremely friendly, they allowed me to sample a few of their concentrates off my puffco. the price cannot be beat by any one in the area and the quality of the concentrates is phenomenal for the price.

Josiah C

Best customer service and prices, will be back to see the cousins ?

Juan S

Decent quality of things and always has something on sale which is a bonus for me I like more for my money

Megen S

Great little spot!

Steve B

Good service and also good prices on their merchandise


Great place friendly people!

Mike D

Martin helped us out on Friday and made us feel welcomed and taken care of. Amazing service.

Little G

Great prices and amazing product. And to top it all off, fantastic customer service!!

Ani W

Best deals around and very friendly people who take care of you

Doreen C

This is a great place. Been going here since the door opened up. Todd is the best. They have good weed and prices. Come on over!

Donyle W

Favorite place

Jeffrey H

Todd's an awesome budtender. Best deals on the res.

Todd L

Wonderful place, would definitely recommend if you have the time to stop in and say hello to the nice people inside.

devin s

Chill family who has a wide variety of weed and concentrates. They have a ton of crumble and other stuff like that. They go through strains kind of quickly due to nice quality and good prices. This was my main spot and I was there shortly after they opened. They will give you a free dab also if you want! Solid spot, looks like their garage, but has some signage to let you know they are selling. Recommend!


Awesome vibe here ? Todd is cool af oh and the weed is great 2

Melissa S